Car Storage Options

We offer 1 level of car storage to cover everything:

Car securely stored in controlled dehumidified conditions with 24hr monitored high level security system. Paintwork protected by soft cotton coverall. Car battery connected to battery managment conditioner at all times. Monthly engine run to operating temperature. Car moved to lubricate gears and seals, tyre pressures are checked.

Check-in: All cars are inspected and photographed, in customers presence and any damage duly noted on appraisal form. (Any special requests will be duly noted). The vehicle is then valeted, fluid levels are checked and tyres are inflated to a higher pressure to alleviate tyre distortion.

Valet: We recommend that all cars are thoroughly cleaned externally and internally prior to storage.

Please see Tariff page for rates
Terms: For extended storage we request a monthly standing order in advance, for three months or less payment is in advance. The minimum storage period is eight weeks. Although we request 48 hours notice of removal of cars, we will make exceptions if at all possible.

Our storage facility Cars inside our storage facility